Viewer at Sorauren St.

OPEN FIELD COLLECTIVE brings engaging contemporary art right to neighbourhood streets around Toronto and Guelph. Our mandate is to create innovative public spaces for artists to show their artwork. We are currently  curating 5 exhibition sights  located in people’s front yards, at the sidewalk for public viewing in Toronto,  4 in Guelph, and 1 School Kids Projects Gallery at the King Edward Public School, Toronto.  The curated exhibitions change every six weeks, giving the surrounding community an opportunity to be introduced to a wide range of artists and visual art programming.

Waterfront Toronto funded the presentation of 5 Street Project galleries in the Corktown Commons, Toronto,  July 8 through September 30, 2016.  The gallery boxes were dispersed along the winding trails inside the park.  Ten artists’ work were exhibited.



1. 201 Sorauren Ave. at Fern Ave., Toronto

2. 532 Euclid Ave., S. of Harbord St., Toronto

3. 176 Crawford St., N. of Queen St., Toronto

4.  254 Rusholme Rd., S. of Bloor St., Toronto

5. 112 Lippincott  St, King Edwards  Junior and Senior Public School, Toronto

6. 33 Geoffrey St., Toronto, Sponsored, curated, and installed by Scouts Canada, as part of Good Turn Week

7.. 64  Toronto St., Guelph

8. 60  McTague St., Guelph

9. 116 Johnston St., Guelph

10. 30 Brockville Ave., Guelph