About Us

Open Field Collective was founded in 2014 by Toronto-based artists Scott McDermid and Erika James.  Our Street Projects’ mandate is to bring contemporary art into outdoor spaces where art and community can interact on the streets of residential neighbourhoods.   We are currently operating 9 Street Projects (mini- galleries in Toronto and Guelph), one School Kids’ Project at King Edward Public School, Toronto, (kids create their own art for display), and one Floating Fence Project which displays art on public fences. We’re excited that the projects have garnered so much community support in Toronto and we’re expanding our projects into Guelph and other communities.

ArtBridges Award

Corktown art boxes July (114).JPG The Corktown Commons  (Marcia Huyer, Ohhhh), Presented by Waterfront Toronto, 2016

Annabell Berthoff with Scouts Canada Sponsors

Scouts Canada sponsors a new gallery box, and Artist Annabelle Berthoff, (2nd from left), to create a new work,  for installation with the scouts help, Good Turn Week, 2017




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