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Janet Morton Janet Morton, Liar,liar…

Janet Morton- detail Janet Morton, detail

Annebelle Berthoff, Communities that form Canada Annabelle Berthoff, Communities that form Canada

Annabell Berthoff with Scouts Canada Sponsors Annabelle Berthoff with sponsors Scouts Canada

Christine Kingsbury with poetry by Madhur Anand, The Strategy of the Majority Christine Kingsbury with poetry by Madhur Anand, The Strategy of the Majority”

friendofbutterfly- Bejeweled Story House for Invisible friends - Copy friendofbutterfly, House for Invisible Friends

Nixo (2) Nixo

Erika James, sculpture - Copy Nixo

Nixo (3) Nixo

David Fuji- Message in a Bottle David Fujii, Message in a Bottle

Rochelle Rubinstein, - Rock Portrait Rochelle Rubinstein, Rock/Portrait